Although there exist many journals on neural networks, publications usually require one to two years from the date of submission and the published materials may not necessarily the latest at the time of publications. However, in many scientific disciplines, the publication time is usually 6 months. Also, in some scientific and engineering disciplines there exist "Letters" journals for rapid (timely) communications such as Electronics Letters and Optics Letters. These Letters enjoy high citation impact factors and excellent reputation. The rapid publication is more critical for multidisciplinary researches, where researchers come from many different academic backgrounds and may not know what the others are doing. Many researchers also believe that double-blind review procedures should be implemented.
Another motivation comes from the need of good review papers on new and important topics. Review papers are extremely helpful to young researchers who would like to get into the field, especially for multidisciplinary researches, but not many journals accept review papers.
It is also very important to connect system-level neuroscience and artificial neural networks. Although both communities can be benefited from each, there exists a big communication gap between these two communities.
Therefore, it is very important to have at-least one publication devoted to timely communication and review papers with double-blind review procedures for both neuroscience and neural engineering communities.



(a) Timely Publication
  - 3 to 4 months to publication for Letters
  - up to 6 months to publication for Reviews
(b) Connecting Neuroscience and Engineering
  - serving system-level neuroscience and artificial neural network communities
(c) Low Cost
  - free for online only
  - US$30 per year for hardcopy
(d) High Quality
  - unbiased double-blind reviews
  - short papers (up to 6 single-column single-space published pages) for Letters
    (The Letters may include preliminary results of excellent ideas, and full paper may be published latter at other journals.)
  - in-depth reviews of new and important topics for Reviews