- monthly online publications
- yearly paper publications



Authors have all the rights on their papers, and may publish extended versions of their Letters to other journals.


Subscription Fee

- On-line version: FREE
- Hardcopy version:
Personal: US$30/year (surface mail)
Institution: US$50/year (surface mail)


Paper Reviews and Acceptance Decision

- electronic review process based on Adobe PDF, Postscript, or MS Word files
- rapid and unbiased (double-blind) reviews
- binary ("Accept" or "Reject") decisions without revision requirements for Letters
(Mandatory English editing services may be recommended.)
- minor revision may be requested for Review papers.



Although the journal got supports from many APNNA (Asia-Pacific Neural Network Assembly) Governing Board members, the official relationship between the journal and APNNA will be discussed latter. The journal is also expected to satisfy requirements for the inclusion in the SCI/SCIE in the near future.