Neural Information Processing - Letters and Reviews
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Vol. 11, Nos. 4-6, April-June 2007

Guest Editorial

pp. 61-62 [pdf]
Guest Editorial for Volume 11 Numbers 4-6 : Special Issue on Artificial Brain with Emotion and Learning
Rhee Man Kil, Minho Lee


pp. 63-73 [abstract] [pdf]
Visual Motion Analysis by a Neural Network
Kunihiko Fukushima

pp. 75-81 [abstract] [pdf]
Functional Connectivity Measurement of the Brain
Dae-Shik Kim

pp. 83-90 [abstract] [pdf]
Cross-Modal Learning - The Learning Methodology Inspired by HumanĄŻs Intelligence
Bo Zhang, Dayong Ding, and Ling Zhang

pp. 91-100 [abstract] [pdf]
Separating Pose and Expression in Face Images: A Manifold Learning Approach
Jihun Ham and Daniel D. Lee

pp. 101-108 [abstract] [pdf]
Attentional Modulation of Tilt Aftereffect Caused by Cholinergic Basal Forebrain Projections
Ketan Bajaj and Basabi Bhaumik

pp. 109-121 [abstract] [pdf]
Mind Model Seems Necessary for the Emergence of Communication
András Lą©orincz, Viktor Gyenes, Melinda Kiszlinger and István Szita

pp. 123-133 [abstract] [pdf]
Experiments with Computational Creativity
W©©odzis©©aw Duch and Maciej Pilichowski

pp. 135-146 [abstract] [pdf]
Synaptic Plasticity and Spike-based Computation in VLSI Networks of Integrate-and-Fire Neurons
Giacomo Indiveri

pp. 147-158 [abstract] [pdf]
Proposal of a Micromachined Tactile Sensor Having Four Stories and Its Information Processing
Method using Module Networks
Seiji Aoyagi and Takaaki Tanaka