Neural Information Processing - Letters and Reviews
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Vol. 10, Nos. 8-9, August-September 2006


pp. 181 [pdf]
Guest Editorial for Volume 10 Numbers 8 & 9 : Special Issue on ICONIP 2006

pp. 183-191 [abstract] [pdf]
Ultrasound Image Segmentation by Using Wavelet Transform and Self-Organizing Neural Network
Zafer İşcan, Mehmet Nadir Kurnaz, Zümray Dokur, and Tamer Ölmez

pp. 193-199 [abstract] [pdf]
Alternative Neural Network Based Edge Detection
Yasar Becerikli, H. Engin Demiray, Mehmet Ayhan, and Kaan Aktas

pp. 201-209 [abstract] [pdf]
Genetically-Designed Time Delay Neural Networks for Multiple-interval Urban Freeway Traffic Flow Forecasting
Ming Zhong, Satish Sharma, and Pawan Lingras

pp. 211-218 [abstract] [pdf]
Condition Surveillance for Plant Rotating Machinery Using a Fuzzy Neural Network
Tetsuro Mitoma, Peng Chen, and Huaqing Wang

pp. 219-226 [abstract] [pdf]
Dependency of Parameter Values in Reinforcement Learning for Navigation of a Mobile Robot on the Environment
Keiji Kamei and Masumi Ishikawa

pp. 227-236 [abstract] [pdf]
Why Not Use an Oracle When You Got One?
Ulf Johansson, Tuve Löfström, Rikard König, and Lars Niklasson