Neural Information Processing - Letters and Reviews
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Vol. 10, Nos. 4-6, April-June 2006

Guest Editorial

pp. 59-60 [pdf]
Guest Editorial for Volume 10 Numbers 4-6: Special Issue on Bio-Inspired Models and Hardware
Yoonsuck Choe, Minho Lee


pp. 61-82 [abstract] [pdf]
Modeling Neural Networks for Artificial Vision
Kunihiko Fukushima


pp. 83-95 [abstract] [pdf]
Hierarchical Feature Extraction using a Self-Organized Retinal Receptive Field Sampling Tessellation
L. Sumitha Balasuriya and J. Paul Siebert

pp. 97-104 [abstract] [pdf]
Unsupervised Extraction of Multi-Frame Features for Lip-Reading
Michelle Jeungeun Lee, Soo-Young Lee

pp. 105-114 [abstract] [pdf]
Massively Distributed Digital Implementation of a Spiking Neural Network for Image Segmentation on FPGA
César Torres-Huitzil, Bernard Girau

pp. 115-124 [abstract] [pdf]
Incremental Knowledge Representation Model Based on Visual Selective Attention
Le Dong, Sang-Woo Ban, and Minho Lee

pp. 125-134 [abstract] [pdf]
Zero-Crossing Based Time-Frequency Masking for Sound Segregation
Young-Ik Kim, Sung Jun An, Rhee Man Kil, and Hyung-Min Park

pp. 135-145 [abstract] [pdf]
Operational Cell Assemblies as a Paradigm for Brain-Inspired Future Computing Architectures
Thomas Wennekers

pp. 147-161 [abstract] [pdf]
Compensating for Neural Transmission Delay Using Extrapolatory Neural Activation in Evolutionary Neural Networks
Heejin Lim and Yoonsuck Choe

pp. 163 [pdf]