Neural Information Processing - Letters and Reviews
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Vol. 8, No. 3, September 2005


pp. 31-38 [abstract] [pdf]
Batch Learning of the Self-Organizing Relationship (SOR) Network
Takeshi Yamakawa, Keiichi Horio and Satoshi Sonoh

pp. 39-47 [abstract] [pdf]
Time Series Prediction Using an Interval Arithmetic FIR Network
Ho Joon Kim, Tae-Wan Ryu

pp. 49-56 [abstract] [pdf]
Modeling with Recurrent Neural Networks using Generalized Mean Neuron Model
Gunjan Gupta, R. N. Yadav, Prem K. Kalra and J. John

pp. 57-66 [abstract] [pdf]
Novelty Scene Detection Using Scan Path Topology and Energy Signature in Scaled Saliency Map
Sang-Woo Ban, Woong-Jae Won, and Minho Lee