Neural Information Processing - Letters and Reviews
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Vol.3, No.2, May, 2004

Guest Editorial

pp.19-20 [pdf]
Special Issues (Vol. 3, No. 2 & No. 3) on ICNNSP2003:
Neural Networks and Signal Processing
Zhenya He and Harold Szu


pp. 21-29 [abstract] [pdf]
A Chaotic Map based on Scaling Transformation of Nonlinear Function
Qinzhen Xu, Shuibing Dai, Wenjiang Pei, Luxi Yang, and Zhenya He

pp. 31-38 [abstract] [pdf]
Transductive Support Vector Machines and Applications in Bioinformatics for Promoter Recognition
Nikola Kasabov and Shaoning Pang

pp. 39-48 [abstract] [pdf]
¡°Time-Line¡± Hidden Markov Experts for Time Series Prediction
Xin Wang, Peter Whigham, Da Deng, and Martin Purvis

pp. 49-58 [abstract] [pdf]
ANN-Based Forecasting of Foreign Currency Exchange Rates
Joarder Kamruzzaman and Ruhul A. Sarker