Neural Information Processing - Letters and Reviews
 The high-quality rapid publication with double-blind reviews

Vol.1, No.1, October, 2003



pp. i-ii [pdf] [ps]
Toward a New Journal with Timeliness, Accessibility, Quality, and Double-Blind Reviews
Soo-Young Lee


pp. 1-52 [pdf] [ps]
Independent Component Analysis and Extensions with Noise and Time:
A Bayesian Ying-Yang Learning Perspective
Lei Xu


pp. 53-59 [pdf] [ps]
Extraction and Optimization of Fuzzy Protein Sequences Classification
Rules Using GRBF Neural Networks
Dianhui Wang, Nung Kion Lee, and Tharam S. Dillon

pp. 61-66 [pdf] [ps]
Phonological Approach to the Mapping of Semantic Space:
Replication as a Basis for Language Storage in the Cortex
Victor Vvedensky

pp. 67-73 [pdf] [ps]
Artificial Neural Networks as Analytic Tools in an ERP Study of Face
Reiko Graham and Michael R.W. Dawson