To play a main role to promote educational research systematically as a main research center for brain science.
- Presentation of how the research will be done and what the goal of research is
- Direct accomplishment of main problems
- Support and guidance for researches by participating research centers
- Training researchers through educational programs
- Support for national researching groups and academic centers
- International cooperation

Training Researchers
- Educational programs for brain science: neurobiology, cognitive science, neural networks, application technology
- Short lectures for industrial-educational cooperation: educational retraining of researchers in service
- OJT(On-the-job Training) of post doctor researchers

Support for academic activities
- Support for brain science and application researches with important common equipments
- Holding workshops for exchange of research results and information between each research center
- Management of database for brain science and application research

International Cooperation
- building cooperation system with related research centers abroad, participating in related research programs abroad, holding international cooperation workshops
- Support for international researcher exchange: long term dispatch of researchers abroad, support for graduate students'participation in international seminars
- Inviting celebrated researchers for a long term


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