Ministry of science and technology announced 'Braintech21' on September 30, 1997 after a conference with the related ministries. Brain Science Research Center was established at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology with a goal to build an intelligent machine with a brain modeled after human's through understanding, imitation, and application of neural information processing mechanism which has been studied in two separate fields, brain science and biomedical brain. Intelligent machine technology is known to be the main stream of the Third Revolution, i.e., 'Technology Revolution'' followed by the Industrial Revolution and the Computer Revolution. In the developed countries, especially the United States and Japan, brain research has been greatly supporting since 1990's. We have achieved a great development of computer technologies, but the ability of machines is limited to simple tasks which require human beings have to order what to do.

Also, we lack the specific and concrete algorithms to solve practical problems in the real world. A human brain is the best model in solving practical problems in the real world, and we came up with neural networks based on the human neural information processing. Therefore, we believe that neural networks are considered to be the most efficient way to solve practical problems in the real world. In the future, intelligent machines with neural networks will be assigned to deal with simple tasks while human beings will be able to concentrate more on constructive work such as arts, science, technologies, etc. Intelligent machines with neural networks will be able to replace human being's work in jobs as housemaid, teacher, secretary, driver, nurse, information searcher, chatting companion, etc.

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