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뇌과학연구센터에서 다음과 같이 세미나를 개최합니다.
관심있는 분들의 많은 참여 부탁드립니다.

1. 세미나 1
일시 : 2003년 11월 26일(수) 오후 1:00-2:30
장소 : KAIST 정문술빌딩 217호
발표제목 : Fully-Complex Multilayer Perceptron and its Application to Independent
              Component Analysis
연사 : Taehwan Kim(Lead Technical Staff, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering,
        The MITRE Corporation)

While neural network paradigms have been applied to numerous adaptive nonlinear signal and imaging processing tasks including the independent component analysis (ICA) for blind source separation, their extension to the complex domain has been slow and limited.  The main challenge for processing complex data with neural networks has been the lack of bounded and analytic complex nonlinear activation functions in the complex domain, as stated by Liouville’s theorem.  
In this colloquium, it is shown that ten elementary transcendental functions derived from the entire function   can successfully be used as activation functions and introduce a ‘fully-complex’ multilayer perceptron (MLP) structure. These elementary transcendental functions provide truthful gradients and are bounded almost everywhere and are shown to result in an efficient fully-complex backpropagation algorithm.  Further proof that the fully-complex MLPs with continuous and bounded measurable functions are universal approximator of any continuous or measurable complex mapping over a compact set in the complex vector field is provided.  It is also shown that the output of complex MLP using activation functions with isolated and essential singularities uniformly converge to any nonlinear mapping in the deleted annulus of singularity nearest to the origin.  
Numerical examples show that the blind source separation by extending traditional real-valued ICA into the complex domain outperform the traditional method of splitting real and imaginary components of complex data. Empirical performance improvement when using complex-valued fMRI data over amplitude-only data is also shown.

2. 세미나 2
일시 : 2003년 11월 27일(목) 오후 4:00-5:30
장소 : KAIST 정문술빌딩 217호
발표제목 : Intelligent BioSystems
연사 : Dr. V. David Sanchez A.(Advanced Computational Intelligent Systems Corporation)

The area of intelligent systems will be summarized The historical perspective for the study of intelligence will be taken as basis for ellaborating a rationale of an analysis of the past and a prediction of the future with some final emphasis on its biological-inspired study and realizations, thus contributing to the definition and perseverant research of Intelligent BioSystems.
The share of intelligence between man and machine has served as excellent initial platform for this research, a fact which needs more attention even by experts in the field.The needs and potential application in domains as diverse as biomedical analysis and space exploration will be discussed.

모시는 글

보건의료기술진흥사업의 일환으로 알츠하이머병 치료 및 예방제 개발센터가 출범한지 벌써 1년이 다 되어가고 있습니다. 본 센터에서는 금번 국제 심포지움을 시작으로 알츠하이머병 연구의 국제적인 교류와 국내의 연구 활성화를 꾀하는 자리로 만들고자 합니다. 우리의 당면과제인 노인성 치매를 극복하기 위한 노력에 많은 분들의 관심과 격려가 요구됩니다. 꼭 참석하여 주셔서 자리를 빛내주시기 바랍니다.

2003년 10월 20일
알츠하이머 치료 및 예방제 개발센터
(주)디지탈바이오텍 센터장/연구소장 김영호 배상

제1회 알츠하이머 치료 및 예방제 개발센터 국제 심포지움
- 알츠하이머병 연구의 현황과 미래

- 장소: 양재동 서울교육문화회관 거문고홀
- 일시: 2003년 11월 3일 오후 1시-5시 (40분 강의, 10분 질의)
- 등록: 오후 1시-1시15분
- 개회사: 오후 1시 15분-1시 20분

연사 및 연제:
- 제1강의(오후 1시 20분 - 2시 10분)
   김규원 (서울대 약학대학)
   “Molecular regulation of the blood brain barrier development"

- 제2강의(오후 2시 10분 - 3시)
  Akihiko Takashima (RIKEN, Japan)
  “Looking at brain aging and Alzheimer's disease: GSK-3 inhibition as a possible
   therapeutic target in Alzheimer's disease”

- 휴식(오후 3시 - 3시 20분)

- 제3강의(오후 3시 20분 - 4시  10분)
  Philip C. Wong (Johns Hopkins University, USA)
  “Biology of beta- and gamma-secretase: therapeutic targets for Alzheimer's disease“

- 제4강의(오후 4시 10분 - 5시)
  정용근 (광주과학기술원)
  “Role of E2-25K in amyloid toxicity of Alzheimer's disease“

- 폐회사 및 리셉션 오후 5시 이후

  Boolet-Program.doc(128KB, DN: 1025)
2nd International Symposium on BioSystems

- August 22-23, 2003
- Future Hall, Tae Wul Gwan, KAIST, Daejeon, Korea
-  Registration
No registration fee is required, but it is strongly recommended to make a pre-registration by sending your name, position, affiliation, telephone number and e-mail address(all in English) via e-mail to youngmi@kaist.ac.kr no later than August 20, 2003.

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