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- 일시 : 2003년 4월 25일(금) 오후 2:30-4:00
- 장소 : LG Semicon Hall 1층 멀티미디어실
- 발표 제목 : Dinamicization of EEG Inverse Problem and fMRI modeling
- 연사 :Tohru Ozaki(Institute of Statistical Mathematics,Tokyo)

- We present a new approach for estimating approximate solutions of the inverse problem of EEG generation. Unlike with previous approaches, we develop our solution in a dynamical framework; to this end we propose a new extension of Kalman filtering to the case of spatiotemporal dynamics. The inclusion of temporal aspect of the problem opens up new perspectives for improved accuracy of the estimates and for data-driven design of dynamical models. We also show that the same idea of dynamicization can be applied to fMRI data. These results could provide us with the basis for the future study of fusion of EEG and fMRI data analysis.

- Short C.V. of Tohru Ozaki
Present post: Professor at the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Tokyo
                   Also a professor at the Graduate University of Advanced Studies
                   (Both belong to the Ministry of Education)

Degree: Doctor of Science
Graduated: Tokyo University, Mathematics
Speciality: Time Series Analysis, Nonlinear Dynamics
Current Research Topics: Neuroinformatics, Financial Engineering, Power Plan Control Design
Publications are downloadable from http://www.ism.ac.jp/~ozaki/ozaki.htm

Graduated from University of Tokyo,
Department of Mathematics in 1969
- B.S.(Mathematics), University of Tokyo, 1969.
- Doctor of Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 1981.

뇌신경정보학사업 자체평가

- 일시 : 2003년 5월 2일(금) 09:00-18:00
- 장소 : 카톨릭 의대
- 일정
* 뇌신경정보학 2단계 2차년도 자체평가가 뇌학회와 같이 열립니다.

제4회 뇌신경정보학 Workshop

뇌신경정보학사업 전체 Workshop을 다음과 같이 개최합니다.

- 일시 : 2003년 2월 12-13일 오후 1시~
- 장소 : 무주리조트 티롤호텔 모짜르트 룸 & 스트라우스 룸

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